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Our mission is to automate the process of effectively sending WhatsApp messages. 68% of WhatsApp users think that it is the easiest way to connect with businesses. Now send WhatsApp messages directly, simply and effectively.

What is it?

Whatsapp Bulk Message Sender

WhatsApp Bulk Message Robot is software designed to send your messages in bulk in a simple and effective way from anywhere with an internet connection. Send Text, Video, Photo and Pdf messages. One of the best WhatsApp Marketing Software in the whole world.



You can find all the features of WhatsApp Bulk Messaging here.

Whatsapp Contacts

WhatsAPP contacts information available on your phone and it is easily can be exported to our software and can be seen in your contacts. In this way, the information of the people in your whatsAPP contact list is on our website, this makes your communication process easier.


Multiple Accounts

You can manage different whatsAPP accounts that you own and use frequently from a single application and keep control of all of them. We offer the convenience of transacting on the account you want, whenever you want.


Unlimited Messaging

You can send as many messages as you want to your users at any time without a daily limitation. Thanks to our fast delivery, you can make your announcement to thousands of people within minutes.


Auto Reply Bot

Thanks to this feature, which will save you time when you are out of work or during busy periods, you can create automatic replies according to the messages of the people who write to you.


Upload Contacts

You can easily add your existing contacts through excel or manually then create your contact list. It is very fast and easy way to send a message whenever you want from your contact list you have created.


Future Campaign

With this feature that allows you to plan ahead, when you set the Valentine's Day special days' campaigns for the time period you want, the system will send it on its own.


Personal Messages

The personalized message feature allows you to make a special communication and make people feel special by addressing the person by using the registered information such as name and surname.


Add Images

You can make your promotion or information more efficient and effective by using visuals with images, videos and files that you can add to your messages apart from texts.


Delivery Report

You can easily check your process and see the success of your campaign by using delivery reports. All the details you need, such as the numbers , sent time, delivery statuses will be provided. All the details you will need, such as the numbers sent here, the number of contacts, unsuccessful submissions, and delivery times are provided to you.


Anti-Blocking System

With this feature, the advertisements and announcements you send are sent in random times rather than instant sending so that the content of the advertisements and announcements is not perceived as spam by the WhatsApp algorithm, and it creates the perception of a manual message rather than automation.


Multi-Language Support

It allows you to send your messages in the language and content you want in an easy and understandable way. In addition, we have language options for panel and usage.


Sending Messages to Groups

WhatsAPP Bulk allows you to correspond in groups and send messages from here, as well as view and reply to incoming messages.


Best Whatsapp Bulk Message Sender!


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